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About Us

Cotton is a major product and clothing source in India. Which is used as a favorite dress in India and all countries of the world. But in today's time there is very little company towards development. Which suits the quality and comfort of every standard like fabric. In the last 40 years, Uma Cotton Mills (Regd.) by its various names has been the manufacturer and supply for the best and quality product. Which has been liked by many people across the country. From 1980 onwards, the range of poplin cotton garments became very popular with 515 colors which remained the center of all the protection and attractiveness of the skin of the Indian woman. From time to time, according to the trend and needs, the colors of the clothes, the fashion, the size and the cost of the clothes were provided according to the trend. We have wide range of Cotton Synthetic Fabrics, Natural Synthetic Fabrics, Pure Cotton Petticoat, Ladies Printed Cotton Nighty.